Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools

An ultrasound technician otherwise known as diagnostic medical sonographers requires certification for their successful practice. The Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) gives accreditation to the sonography schools and colleges. Several schools are providing online and regular course for ultrasound technician course, which includes curriculum such as medical imaging and guiding them to work in a doctor’s office or at hospitals. The online courses include associate level, bachelor’s level, and several other accredited programs.

Online Schools in Ultrasound Technology

CAAHEP offers accredited diagnostic medical sonography programs through sonography online schools, which are convenient and flexible for the working students. Among these accreditations are several online schools which are both flexible and convenient for candidates who seek to pursue ultrasound along with present working career. However ensure that the online schools you are enrolling to offer a well balanced curriculum with both theory and practical hours.

Campus Based Schools in Sonography

CAAHEP accredited programs number up to 2000 which prepare entry level practitioners in 24 health sciences professions, Regular campus based schools can be accredited to either CAAHEP, or other state and national government regulating bodies. Florida and California for example have schools that are accredited and recognized by local governing bodies.

How to Choose Accredited Sonography Schools?

  1. Certification – The CAAHEP or any other accrediting body should accredit the ultrasound sonography programs in the school which you seek admission
  2.  CurriculumThe syllabus focuses on theory   and practical training such as handling patients as well as maintenance of ultrasound equipments.
  3. TrainingInternship though not mandatory , would certainly help  after the completion of education
  4. Fees - Schools should have reasonable tuition fees for the program of study, expensive doesn’t always mean quality education
  5. Scholarship – Scholarship options available in that school for those who can’t afford it 

Obtaining Licensure through Accredited Programs:-

In order to be eligible for national licensure exams and to obtain registration from ARDMS to qualify as a   Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) it’s required that the candidates have academic qualifications from schools that are both accredited and recognized by bodies like CAAHEP

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